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Below are some science YouTube channels that I enjoy. No, not just science, I will make a list for Science, Engineering and Mathematics. Science communication is an important and inevitable part of these STEM fields. I mean when you do and learn science, you know the facts, right? But how to communicate the results of your works to other non-scientific, or metaphorically calling, Muggle people? These creators below are the best on filming, creating and explaining science stuffs to you on the Internet.

⚡ A small note : watching science videos itself don’t make you become more successful in learning and doing science. So use them to be inspired, not to kill time, or just a little bit should be okay.



Okay, if Science were a kingdom in the YouTube world, then Vsauce might be the king. Really. His communication and film-making skills are just so good. He makes more videos about knowledge in general, not only about science, and not for every ages, so you should prepare mentally for that.

ASAPScience 🌈

Created by Mitch and Greg, a gay couple. Yes, they not only illustrate science facts or summarize science studies using hilarious drawings and rapid English speaking but also promote the diversity in science. Science is not only for boys or girls, LGBTQ+ people have their rights to do science and talk about it.

Physics Girl

Another girl on YouTube doing science and that’s hot. Clearly and visually attractive explanations about physics phenomena are what Dianna Cowern makes on her channel. She covers quite a lot of branches of physics. Her latest project is a 101 physics introductory course for curious people.


Okay. Doodling + Humor + Physics + Rapid captions + Easy to watch + Hard as wood to understand = Minute Physics.


Etablished by Hank Green, the younger brother of John Green. If you don’t know about John Green, that’s fine. But you have to know about The Fault in Our Stars, right? John Green is the author of that cheesy and romantic and coming-of-age bestsellers.

SciShow releases new videos every-single-day. And they definitely have something wierd that you wonder about.

The Royal Institution

The Royal Institution is a “200 year old independent charity based in London dedicated to connecting people with the world of science through events, education, and the Christmas Lecture series”, which was famously etablished by Michael Faraday. This YouTube channel is … high-end, so to speak. It consists of videos of lectures from famous phillosophers, scientists, mathematicians, engineers and other occupations in STEM fields. It really makes you think deeply about science.


Veritasium loves both physics and film-making. His background as a engineering college student and a physics PhD, along with his teaching experience teaching play a large role in his channel. Veritasium started his YouTube channel in 2010. At that time, he had an idea of exploit students’ misconception of science and explain those stuffs on the Internet. He was known by walking around and asking people about many simple things around them. Till now, we can know for sure that he did combine science and film-making succesfully.


Simone Giertz

People call Simone The Queen of Shitty Robots and they mean it. Simone’s machines make out of her crazy curiosity and dumb ideas. Making shitty robots, like the hair-cutting drone or a machine that automatically pour milk into a bowl of cereal, is so narrow and unique to be a professional field and nobody cares about it. And it makes Simone The Queen in that field.

Joseph’s Machine

He loves playing with physical things. On the Internet, he might be the king of Rube Goldberg machines. For those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, Rube Goldberg machine is the name for the whole chain reactions that do some works for you. Says, you have to have a breakfast, for example, an omlette. But it’s kind of boring, you said to yourself. Then you build a machine to make an omlette for you.



What do you want? Explaining mathematics stuffs by painting? Eistein’s love letters or Tesla’s transcripts. I don’t know why Toby has access to all those interesting historical documents of prestigious people of science but she really talks about their not-so-famous stories on YouTube.


This is a YouTube channel about number. It’s that easy.

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