Growing my growth mindset

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“We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.”

“When grades become less about how quickly and how perfectly a student can complete an assignment, we move nearer to the idea that, regardless of where our starting point may be, we all have room to grow.”

I have learned a lot thanks to this amazing book. Although currently I am not teaching in high schools, it also change my mind about praising, motivating, evaluating and even judging people, especially my students.

I realize that I did make many huge mistakes when I did not allow my students to do anything wrong: you have to do exactly like this unless you want to lose your marks, I do not have another piece to give you, etc. OMG what I just did to my students was completely wrong.

However, I cannot grow my growth mindset if I just sit there and complain. I absolutely have to reflect myself and my classes everyday to find out what I can do to make the lessons better. Then recently I have changed many things. I foster my students to do many things, creative or even crazy. I allow them to make mistakes and I am there to show them what the problems is. Teachers should not be dictators, they should be knowledge-and-skills-guides whenever kids need them.

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